My next book 07/08/2013

Everyone is asking me about my next book, I said  to divert my husband’s concentration in reading the day’s news.

You know, there might be an end to bureaucracy, he informed  knowing my obsession with  the I.A.S. and the rolling of heads of officials by their ‘bosses.’

Is it better or for worse? I asked  pained at the news.

Well, what is loss for one is gain for the other, he observed.

Atleast now the officials will sit up and unite for a cause and will not allow their service to die down, I said.

Even otherwise the service is no more called a steel frame but a Bamboo frame which is as brittle as ever ready to give way any moment with more and more  pliable officials joining the fray, he mocked.

Listen, why should we concern ourselves with something that can’t be helped. Why don’t you suggest some  subject/topic  for my next book as my friends are keen on knowing, I  repeated noticing he hadn’t heard me the first time.

There are so many, he replied.

Why don’t you suggest some atleast, I prompted.

For instance you can combine a lot of related ‘themes’ in a single book of yours, he advised.

Like what? I asked  getting interested.

For instance ‘How to fall in Love with the right person,’ ‘Getting married to the person you love,’ ‘ Steps followed for a Quick Divorce’ and lastly ‘How to make a success of your second marriage,’ he went off at a tangent. And your book will be an ‘All in One’ like All under one Roof, he added  appearing very pleased at his own idea.

Not a bad idea at all. I will consider it, I said  amused at his suggestion.

As I  was about to leave him with his favorite ‘companion’, he stopped  me saying, ‘you better give me an advance for my idea because I don’t believe giving anything free’

Yes, I will on one condition which is I will certainly start working on your idea but you have to get someone who would agree to publish this ‘All in One’ book. Otherwise I ‘afraid you will have to sponsor it’, I  said  and noticed him disappearing  in a jiffy!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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