My daughter’s ‘Hair raising ’idea 01/05/2013

Mamma, I have decided to become  an entrepreneur, declared my daughter soon after returning from a meeting on ‘How to start your own business.’

Did the speakers motivate you to start one? I asked.

Well, sort of. Infact  their talk  helped me to decide on the line of business also, she said excitedly.

What is the investment? I asked fearing she would  expect me to finance it.

Nothing much because  all it requires is a little space  to place  our equipment and a couple of revolving chairs for our customers, she assured.

Shouldn’t you be paying rent for the space you are going to take up? Nobody will give it free, I said .

Well, I thought of all that. Anyway, our garage is lying vacant now that dad has sold his car. I can make use of it. Don’t you think that’s a good idea? She gloated.

Yes, I agree, I said.

But what business is it going to be? I asked  not able to guess her choice.

You know mamma, the speakers took us on a journey of  how they started their business with scratch and  became number one in the industry in a period of a decade or so, she informed.

That’s really great, perhaps they had a Godfather too, I said.

Nothing like that because their business was to do more with the head, she said.

You mean to say they started an educational institution? I said immediately.

No, mamma, you know these days one need not be intelligent to start one because it is the case of ‘yatha Raja, thatha praja,’ she mocked.

Then is it a centre for Brain Scan? But that requires lakhs of investment, if not crores ,so that is ruled out, I said.

O.K. I  shall not keep you in  suspense  any further. Their business has  everything to   do with head and hair, as I said earlier.

Is it making artificial hair for balding people?I asked.

Infact balding people will throw them out of their business because  there will be no hair to dress, she laughed.

You mean they are  Barbers running a salon? I asked hesitatingly.

You know they are   much more than that because they  dress the hair according to changing fashions and requirements of their customers .They have  a posh  airconditioned  UNISEX SALON and I believe their customers are more men than women, she said.

n.meera raghavendra rao 


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