My ‘Brocket’ Blouse! 19/08/2013

Almost all my friends and relatives who had come for ‘Haldi Kumkum’ on the occasion of Sri VaraMahaLakshmi puja  had  commented not on my new sari as I expected but on the blouse I was wearing. ‘It looks like you have extended your creativity in  designing your blouse as well’ they said and from their tone I felt it appeared  more like a compliment. But again I didn’t expect  my blouse would merit  a serious discussion among themselves during  the time they all spent  at my place. ‘Meera, did the sari come with the blouse piece as well? ’ asked some. Yes, I said. ‘But why is that the sleeves  look as though they are made from a different fabric?’ they  asked not able to contain their curiosity. ‘Well, haven’t you just complimented me on my creativity?’ I  answered  with a counter question and  they noticed I was being evasive and I thought they were right  but  I also knew  they wouldn’t be satisfied until I revealed the real reason  behind the attached piece of fabric which formed the sleeves.

Well, ladies, when you go for shopping  next and you decide to pick up a sari  with an unusual  sticker  which says ‘with brocket blouse,’ please check its measurement otherwise you find it just sufficient to make a sleeveless one. Incidentally  the person  who wrote the words on the sticker has all my admiration for his creativity for turning ‘brocade’ into ‘brocket!’


n.meera raghavendra rao


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