Learning a new skill on Vijayadasami 14/10/2013

I have decided to start something new, today being an auspicious day, declared my husband.

That’s good. Hope you are not thinking of learning music, I said   in order to be forewarned.

Don’t worry, one  bad singer in the house is enough to face the censure of our  neighbours, he assured .

Then is it some  skill you wish to learn? I asked wondering what he had in mind.

Well, if time permits I would  like to learn preparing my favourite dessert, he said with a sense of longing.

That’s like  aiming for the moon when  you  don’t even know the ABC of  cooking, I  guffawed.

First things first and I am serious, he said annoyed  at my reaction.

Are you thinking of  learning drawing or painting? I asked knowing his interest in art.

Not for now atleast. I wish to learn a new language, Hindi to be precise, he announced.

But you already have a smattering knowledge of Hindi, don’t you, I reminded, recalling how amused I was hearing him talk in Hindi that sounded very bookish.

Yes, I did learn Hindi as a second language in college but almost lost touch with it after marriage, he complained.

You seem to accuse me for  losing touch. Infact  it was you who insisted I be your spokesman when someone spoke in that language,  I  said defending myself.

Probably I did and that was decades ago. But hereafter I am going to learn Conversational Hindi  and  that might leave you with a complex, he said with a superior air about him!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Learning a new skill on Vijayadasami 14/10/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Nice skit. I speak Hindusthani with my wife & children but English when complex ideas have to be expressed but in all these years I & my spouse have not been able to master the male & female gender of objects. So let me suggest that you and your hubby should learn Sanskrit. It is much easier. One advantage is that while you converse with each other, you can even ridicule others with impunity even though they are present in front of you.

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