Justlies’ fourth birthday 30/05/2013

How did you celebrate your blog’s fourth birthday? Asked my friend who had  recently started  a blog of her own  called ‘game of lies.’

Well, it had been a very different kind of celebration, I said .

In what way? She asked  full of curiosity.

No parties, no fan fare, infact it had been a very low key affair, I replied. Sadly, very few of the visitors to my blog remembered  the date because of earth shaking events  originating from our very home town, I lamented.

That’s the reason I started blogging and I could  zero in on a name without any difficulty, said my friend.

I understand but  I find nothing wrong with the game  itself, only the people playing the sport  have  resorted to lies  and more lies living in a fool’s paradise, I said.

Then shall I change the name of my blog?  Asked my friend in all seriousness.

Yes, I think you should, I said.

Why don’t you suggest one? She  implored.

‘Sport devoid of sportsmen’ I said after  pondering over  it for a while.

Ah, that’s  more appropriate. I shall immediately  replace it with the new one, she enthused.

But please remember to change it once again when  things improve, I warned.

Certainly, but do you think they would?

A very remote chance, I  said knowing fully well  I was lying to myself !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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