Is Love Blind? 30/08/2013

Recently  I attended a couple of marriages along with my friends and  the first thing they remarked was how plain the bride looked. ‘We wonder how the boy fell for this girl?’ they  said and answered  it themselves  recalling  the cliché ‘Love is Blind.’  I still  wonder who and when the person has coined  or  used this  expression first and  concluded it certainly would have been a man though it is the woman who comments on  the looks of the fair sex.

The moment we get to hear  or are invited for a wedding, we are curious to  know whether it’s a love or an arranged marriage. If it’s the former, more often than not, we expect the  bride to be a ravishing  beauty for the boy (no matter if he is handsome or not) to have fallen in love with her. If the boy happens to be handsome and his bride is plain, we readily use all the negative adjectives  we are aware of to censure the girl’s appearance and the foolhardiness of the boy.

To say ‘Love is Blind’  is meaningless  because a person falls in love with his eyes fully open. Whether it’s a Love or an arranged marriage  we forget that marriage is a gamble which may or may not pay off!

n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Is Love Blind? 30/08/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    What people get to see are only the exterior aspects of a personality, the structure of the facial features, colours of the skin, height & weight differential, whereas after getting to know each other these outwardly things do not carry any weight for the couple. It is the character, the bonhomie and the deeper values of a person that attracts the lovers to each other. But having said this, I confess I don’t understand all this. My marriage was an arranged one & love was a post-facto affair.

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