I am ‘Right’ Syndrome 17/04/2013

It is said a little bit of Ego and tension is good for the individual as it helps  to maintain  his/her self esteem and face challenges life presents. But what is not  advisable  or desirable  is I  am always Right syndrome which  alienates us and makes  us   friendless. We  have to choose between  the two: that is  either be  isolated  from society because of our closed mind  as a result of  our being  highly egoistic going all out to prove our point,  even at the cost of our friendship/relationship  or  be open minded  to the  views  of others and differ with them  in a friendly  manner without  entering into an argument to prove that we are always Right.

Well, talking about tension, I guess   people who have  more than ‘a little’ are the ones who think  they are infallible  as they are  under the impression that they are  Right and  the rest of the world is wrong as Always!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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