High quality of journalism 06/06/2013

I read  sometime ago  the views of Kiyotaka Akasaka in TOI,   regarding the high quality of journalism in Japan and the positive role it plays. Unlike in India journalism seems to  draw  top students to the profession which probably helps in maintaining the quality and standard of newspapers in the country. The newspaper scene in India with some exceptions ofcourse  presents a contrast where journalism which is supposed to inform, educate and entertain people appears to go all out to fulfill  the last role pandering to the tastes of  modern generation.

When the chairman of the Press Council suggested  journalists should have formal education to join the profession, it was met with a lot of opposition and criticism though he  made a very  valid point. The redeeming feature is today  in the prevailing situation in India be it the Heads of Industry, Country, Educational institutions and  the like ,journalists cannot be blamed for unmaking them  in pursuit of truth. As long as they are able to differentiate between Truth and Sensationalism, a quality required for professionalism, their service should be lauded.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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