High Alert 14/05/2013

Remember, what grandma  has  asked you to do, said  Shilpi in an admonishing  tone. Her  little brother who was immersed in gulping down his orange juice  nodded  without lifting his eyes  as though to say  he needed no reminding.

Next Shilpi  quickly ran to my husband, shook him by his hand and  asked whether he remembered  his ‘duty.’

He too nodded mechanically continuing to read the newspaper.

Mummy, do you remember what grandma has said this morning, it was the turn of my daughter who was given to forgetting even important things.

Yes, said she absorbed in cutting vegetables.

Grandma, I put everyone on high alert   excepting my dad. Let me go  and remind  him also, she announced  rushing.

But Shilpi, he must be busy  getting ready to go to office. What is the use of telling him when he wouldn’t be at home, I reminded the child.

Oh, what a fool I am, said the girl  mildly patting her forehead.

Do you need to be reminded  of it? teased her brother who had just finished his juice.

As expected the siblings broke into a quarrel, shouting and screaming their heads off.

Please, please children calm down, I pleaded.

Soon we were joined by the others to  make peace and  in the process missed  hearing the door bell .The  delivery boy supplying mineral  water had  by then  left our locality and we were left with empty cans!


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “High Alert 14/05/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Obviously the granny had told the grandchildren to be alert to the ringing of the door bell. But in the fracas of sibling squabbles, you couldn’t obtain the mineral water. Moral : Don’t depend on others to do your work. Secondly, children are a nuisance.

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