Goodies galore! 09/10/2013

The other day  my friend visited me along with her pooches andtook care they did  not  go  out of her sight.

Every now and then she would admonish her pets for interrupting our conversation  and like  obedient children  they  would be quiet for some  time.

Did you go shopping? I asked seeing the bulging   bags, quite huge in size.

Yes, you know I went to the Goodies  store  that is newly opened  and was amazed at the  stuff that was available, she beamed.

I think we are going the  way of the  U.S.  with a new  food joint or a goodies store coming up every other month, I  said not very happy at the thought, while  imagining  the consequences of  patronizing  such  outfits.

I  see  nothing wrong  in a wider choice of goodies  available. Don’t you think the more the merrier? She  said.

I feel it’s a blessing especially to those who care, she added.

O.k. I understand. By the way  mention a few goodies  that you found in this new store, I asked.

Oh, so many, she exclaimed. Like for instance banana macaroon delights, cinnamon cookies, pizzas with a variety of toppings, baked  goodies and they also have  nutritious meals for the health conscious youngsters, she reeled off.

Sounds good. I wonder  what the prices are like? I  asked  more to please her.

Who is bothered  about the price? The     important   thing is  it is started by someone  with a degree in nutrition  and who  has been a chef’, informed my friend proudly.

Well, I don’t see anything surprising considering  that we have special courses in every discipline, I said.

Appearing a  little cheesed off  at my comment she said, ‘I forgot  to add the degree this enterprising  person has is in Cat and Dog nutrition  and She  has been a chef by profession’.

You mean  to say the two bags full of goodies are for your pats? I  asked  astonished.

Yes ofcourse. I am sure my pets would just  love these and  would ask for more, she said her face lighting up.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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