Flab, Figure and Face 25/03/2013

Read this, said my husband pointing to an advertisement in the  day’s  newspaper.

O.K. so what if the yester year’s beauty queen weighs  13 kgs. Less,  I said disinterestedly.

Wouldn’t you also like to try? he asked.

No, I’d  rather  spend the money for something worthwhile, I replied.

You don’t  seem to consider losing weight  to look  slim and trim  worthwhile, he  said laughing derisively.

But losing  weight  so drastically has its consequences on one’s health. Moreover it doesn’t always make the person look better, I said.

How can you say that? Don’t you think  some of the  Hindi film stars  who lost weight  look  much younger and smarter? He argued.

Not all of them  who shed their flab do.Infact some have a sickly appearance and they almost look famished, I said.

Why don’t you give it a try and see the result? He suggested.

May be, I would   as you suggest  if I had not  watched the former Miss World dance in the Femina Miss India event, I  said.

Why, didn’t she dance well?

Nothing wrong with her dance, infact she was quite agile on her feet. I am sure it is because she is so much lighter and  the ‘weight reduction’ exercise /programme   she would have undergone probably helped her lose the flab and  attain  a good figure but  didn’t seem to have worked where her face is concerned, I said  recollecting the close up shots of her face.

n.meera raghavendra rao    


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