Feedback –what is it? 08/01/2013

Be it a wedding, birthday celebration or a literary event, what becomes the topic for discussion and remembered  even years later is the food served on the occasion. The other day, a few friends and well wishers of mine who were present at my Book launch last year wanted to know  when I was going to launch my next book. They  said  they cannot forget  the delicious and sumptuous  Tea which preceded the  event. I said  the caterer deserves all the credit and thought they would atleast make a passing mention of the writer’s  book, but it was only wishful thinking, I realized.

I wonder why feedback is prompt  and also spontaneous when it comes to food but not  so when people buy books  with an intention of reading them. I  also feel  if the  people who are otherwise busy  make time to  have a cursory glance of the books they purchase and  come back to the authors about their views, it matters a lot to the former. Feedback does not mean  praise or criticism  but a judicious  mix of  both.

 n.meera raghavendra rao    


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