‘Favourite child’ syndrome 23/04/2013

This is my eldest child  ‘Prakash’, introduced my friend  who had invited me to meet her entire family of  seven. I named him Prakash as he has very bright and shining eyes, she explained.

Prakash, shake hands with aunty, entreated my friend  but  he was in no mood to obey her.

Not one to make her disappointment visible, she continued, ‘this is my second son, ‘Bobby’ she said  and  commanded him to acknowledge my greeting but met with similar reluctance on the child’s part.

O.k. both  of you go out and play, she  said and they happily went  out of our sight.

The third  is ‘Mary’ and she is my favourite  child, my friend announced  with twinkling  eyes even as she drew her snow as white child close to her.

Mary promptly snuggled even closer and sat on my friend’s lap as though she  understood  her ‘priced position’ in the family of seven.

Then it was the turn of the fourth  child which was a mixture of brown and white with large round eyes which I felt were keenly watching me.

This is Brownie and  is very temperamental, said my friend. I have to be very observant  of  her  moods  in order not to annoy or irritate her, she added.

Yes, I understand. She looks  quite unpredictable, I said and even before I finished I found the creature pouncing on me and licking my whole face. I forcefully pushed her  away with all  my might. There stood  my friend   laughing and enjoying the sight. She immediately picked up her child and began apologizing and  cajoling her.

Then she called out  to the other three children one by one  and they presented themselves before us.

Brainy, meet my friend and say hello to her, she said.

I found  him immediately responding  by coming very close to me, and lifting his fore leg  in order to shake hands with me. I  obliged him by returning his gesture of friendship.

If I were you, I would have considered Brainy my favourite child, I said. What made you name him  Brainy, I asked with curiosity.

You know, it’s because I found him very intelligent  compared to the rest and also very obedient, she said proudly.

Lazy is my sixth child introduced  my friend.

I  think you chose a very apt name, I observed  looking at the obese  creature which  dawdled towards me and  sat as though he needed rest after a walk of few steps.

Now my seventh  and the youngest  child, Badshah. I named him so because  he expects to be treated with respect  and be the first  to be served, that too in a silver plate, she  said looking  at the tiny canine with utmost reverence.

When I  made a face  at Badshah, he barked and barked  displaying his instant dislike  for me!

Are you planning  to increase the strength of your family?  I asked  quite amazed  at my friend’s unusual  fondness  for  pets.

Yes, probably  in a few months. I am planning to import one from the U.S. she replied.

Then  your eighth child might become your favourite, I  said  hesitatingly knowing her obsession with  anything that had a U.S.TAG.

Quite likely, she confessed.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “‘Favourite child’ syndrome 23/04/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Your friend seemingly has a lot of patience, energy and an over-abundance of affection to distribute. Talking of myself I would find one pet dog too many. But then it takes all sorts to make a world.

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