Celebrating WSD 04/10/2013

I noticed something very strange happening  during my morning walk in the park, said my husband  soon after coming home.

What was it? Did you  see a young ‘couple’ exchanging rings or garlands? I asked.

Nothing of that sort  though I did witness such scenes on a few occasions, he replied.

Then what was it? Did a boy and a girl  walk holding their hands together?

Oh, even that is not uncommon  these days, he grinned.

Did  you  notice an elderly couple  engaged in a verbal duel? I wanted to know.

He shook his  head  in answer.

Did your  fellow walkers come with their pets  and the latter made friends with their tribe? I  asked tongue in cheek.

Enough of your guessing  and wild imagination. Can’t you think of something  pleasant  which hopefully should  not stop with just one day? he said smiling.

Aye, I feel  you look so much better when you  smile. I wish  you make it a habit from now on. You know like charity a Smile should also begin at home, which means  a smile reserved for your  family  as well, I  suggested.

You have a knack of  stumbling on the answer to  your  question, he said  astonished.

What is it? I  asked  perplexed.

For the second time he answered  with a smile  but a  sarcastic one.

You silly ,have you forgotten  today is WSD and  the strange scene in the park I was referring to relates to it?

What is WSD? I asked  not having the remotest idea what it stood for.

World Smile Day, you nitwit, he quipped.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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