Celebrating Valentine’s Day 15/02/2013

What’s all this activity going on  in the next building complex? Asked my husband plugging his ears with cotton wool (he was averse to any kind of noise).

Well, don’t you know it’s Valentine’s Day today? I said.

Oh, I forgot all about it, he said. But I thought  girls and boys  prefer to celebrate the day in privacy and not amidst their families, he added.

Even I thought so. Probably   the youngsters  thought it best to introduce their partners  to their respective parents, I said.

Could be, he chuckled.

I wonder among the half a dozen  eligibles residing in the building how many  are going steady with  their partners?  His words were barely audible.

For all I know, they  may not have an intention of marrying them, I  observed.

Don’t you think we  seem to be bothered about something which is none of our concern? We have better things to think about, I  said  trying to change the topic.

Just then I noticed  the pet  dog of one of the inmates of the building jump over our compound wall  and barking  softly. Soon another joined  and I found  both  of them looking fondly at each other.They were clad in shimmering silks with rose garlands around their neck!

n.meera raghavendra rao     


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