Can you keep a Secret? 31/10/2013

Don’t  tell anybody that I told you, said my friend lowering her voice while we were having lunch in a hotel .

Seeing me laughing she got annoyed  and  asserted  she was serious.

I just wondered whether you  meant the secret you just shared or the source which is you, I  said  in the same vein.

Oh, now I  know  why you are laughing. I don’t mind if you share the secret with others without revealing the source, she clarified.

But then it will not remain a secret anymore because the ‘news’  is bound  to spread  like  wild fire, I  warned her.

But  I am sure  nobody will come to know the source, she averred.

Probably, for all you know they can make a guess,  I teased.

I feel I shouldn’t have shared the secret with you in the first place, she said with regret.

I was only trying to provoke you. Don’t worry, I can  assure you  that  your secret will be  safe with me, I  said patting her hand.

Thanks a ton for that, she said relieved.

Have you shared your secret with anyone else? I asked.

‘Yes, with a few close friends,’ pat came her reply.

Do you know something?  I read somewhere that if the person cannot trust herself  with what she considers a secret, how can she trust  others with her secrets, I said.

What do you want me to do? She asked  looking worried.

Learn to keep your secrets to yourself, I suggested.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


2 thoughts on “Can you keep a Secret? 31/10/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    They say, secret is the only thing some women ever give away and what is either not worth keeping or too good to keep!! This applies to your friend. Your advice to her is apt. But the temptation for gossip is too great, she perhaps gets a sense of one-upmanship, the fact that she knows something about somebody which you don’t know. She cannot be silenced for long!!

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