Brain or brawn? 05/12/2013


The other day we had a very interesting discussion with a few of our friends about how God  created two categories of people in this world. The first  are the intelligent who do a lot of brain work  and  those who  unfortunately lack the grey matter but  are amply compensated  in other ways by the same Creator for what ever reason. The former are paid high salaries  for using their brains compared to  the latter who may possess physical  strength  and necessary skills to make a living  but  earn a pittance  for  all the  donkey’s work they do.

Our discussion set me thinking long after our friends left and  led me  to what I had always wondered  when ever  we ate out. While looking around I would notice people at the nearby tables would leave a tip along with the bill for  the person who served. I could guess  the amount of the  tip (which wholly depended on the discretion  of the guests)    by  the look on the server’s face! Soon the cleaner would follow to clear the table but  never is he offered a tip for his task which is far from pleasant. For that matter the chef who is responsible (but not visible) for the cuisine  we all enjoy may earn a salary but nothing more!

n.meera raghavendra rao  


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