Bragging or Sharing? 24/04/2013

The other day  a friend of mine  showed me a few sketches  her grand daughter  had  drawn and even as I was admiring the young girl’s talent  for  bringing a variety of people to life  capturing their expression of joy, surprise and anger, I  heard the youngster complaining, ‘grandma, why are you bragging about me?’ And she immediately  snatched  her sketch book from the elderly lady  and ran away. The incident set me thinking and I  referred  the dictionary to check  the exact meaning of the word ‘Brag’ and  learnt  it  meant to talk too proudly about something you own or something you have done. Even so, I  thought my friend was justified  in being  proud of her grand child’s  talent and wished to share her joy as it is said  ‘joy shared is joy doubled.’

I  think the saying applies  to everyone of us  as it’s human nature to look for recognition and appreciation of  our work and we feel motivated to do even better. I was  amused  when a few  relatives of mine  strongly stated   they didn’t believe in bragging and  immediately said  ‘why  can’t some journalist write about us?’


n.meera raghavendra rao  


5 thoughts on “Bragging or Sharing? 24/04/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    When you talk about how clever, creative or kind your grandchild is, it is bragging or showing off but when I talk about how unique & precocious my grandchild is, I am only sharing a fact.

    1. I think in the first instance it is not bragging because all the adjectives used are in comparison to either parents or grandparents . Perhaps saying your grandchild is precocious could be sharing a fact .

      1. V.N.K.Kumar

        My point is different. The same phenomenon ( Cleverness or drawing skill) in a child is seen differently depending upon whether the grandchild is yours or mine. Both of us might be sharing a fact about our respective grandchildren. But your statement appears as bragging to me and my statement appears to be factual to me. Similarly my statement appears as bragging to you and your statement appears factual to you. To a dispassionate observer both children may appear not worthy of any praise !

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