Boss’s Day 16/10/2013

Did you know today is Boss’s Day? I asked my husband  soon after he returned from his constitutional.

I was not  aware that one existed, he said not sounding very enthusiastic.

Well, I came to know only today and from what I learnt it seems  to apply only to   working people who are accountable to their bosses who come in all shapes and sizes, I  explained.

You are perfectly right and let me add, there are categories and categories among bosses and  you have to tow their line whether you like it or not, he stated.

Why don’t you mention a few of them  since I have never worked in my life, I  lack experience, I suggested.

My first boss  was very cantankerous  and most unpredictable and  later I came to know the  reason for his ‘abnormal’ behavior, he said.

What was it?

The usual reason  ofcourse, his bossy wife, he replied  derisively.

My next boss  was a lady who couldn’t take any decision by herself  with the result  she always procrastinated. When she ultimately did we knew her husband was back in town, he laughed.

The boss after her had reached his high position by being  street smart, though he lacked the necessary experience or qualification. He would invariably avoid presiding over important meetings. Even if he chose to be present, it was at the last minute,  he guffawed.

I think that’s enough. I can guess what a tough time you all must have had  working under such bosses, I pitied.

I have not finished because I still  have a Boss for the rest of my life! He quipped.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


2 thoughts on “Boss’s Day 16/10/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Self-critical humour is the best way to make others laugh compared to humour which ridicules others. This is a good piece of writing, makes you smile because in a patriarchal society, a woman bossing over a man is so contradictory and absurd that it titillates your funny bone!

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