Back to childhood ? 14/11/2013

There are many ways of going back to your childhood. ,  so also are  opportunities to relive the pleasant times you had. The best way to do so is to attend a children’s Day programme   put up to celebrate our former Prime Minister’s Birthday.  .I happened to attend one  on this occasion at one of the schools in Chennai and found.  ,sometimes learning is like  reverse osmosis. Generally children are  told  what they should not do than  what they should do  unlike in the case of adults  who are assumed to  discriminate between  right and wrong and thus see no need to be told  the difference. Is it not  a paradox that children commit mistakes  unknowingly and adults do the same with full knowledge? For instance don’t  we have people attending  to calls on  mobile phones and carrying on a conversation with     neighbours at conferences ,meetings and concerts even though one  expects  them   to conform  to basic etiquette ? After the variety entertainment  was over and the chief  guest was about to start her address, she couldn’t proceed after a few words as the noise was deafening with the children  talking non stop,(surprisingly their parents too saw no need to silence them).  One of the teachers ordered them to be silent  and suddenly there was absolute silence until the chief guest completed her address. Can anyone  do the same if it was a gathering of adults engaged in loud  conversation over a mobile or with their neighbours  at the venue? The only way to learn perhaps is to emulate children and not mind  being admonished for  giving a goby to norms of etiquette!

n.meera raghavendra rao


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