Attached Detachment? 03/06/2013

The Bhagavad gita talks about  cultivating detached attachment  but today we see people in power faithfully cultivating it with a slight difference like reverse osmosis. The recent decision  taken by the Lordly President at the urgently called working committee meeting of BCCI, though expected, has come as a jolt  not only to the tv anchors who competed to be the first to announce the news of his resignation but to all cricket lovers and people with a conscience as well.

It also proves  people in power, be it politicians or any Tom, Dick and  Harry  could go to abysmal lengths to cling to their seat  even if  it becomes too hot for them and dictate literally from their Hot Seat. In this situation the spectators’ focus has shifted from the corrupt cricketers accused  of  match fixing to the Head of BCCI who has managed to fix all  its members making them voiceless and helpless. Certainly they too seemed to have taken it lying down at the cost of their prestige (assuming  they had it), not to speak of  their own selfish interest, their past record  and  most importantly with  their eyes firmly fixed  on elections  to be held in September. Is it not  a case of Attached Detachment?

n.meera raghavendra rao


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