At whose Expense? 29/04/2013

I  read  your article on keeping in touch, said my friend who lives in Delhi.

Is that so? I  am glad  you did  and also that you have started practicing, I said  happy  my article had some impact on my friend who was the only odd one out among half a dozen others  who would either call or mail me and  it was reciprocal.

Yes, I did get the message through your article which was very forceful  driving  home the point, she  conceded  and  the line got cut  abruptly.

Attributing it  to the vagaries of technology, I  immediately called her and  we had a lengthy conversation  exchanging notes  about  various things including  the ‘environment’  in both our cities.

There after we did  call each other and invariably  when she called the line would get cut in  less than a minute and  I would  promptly  call her back  and  she would talk endlessly. After  a time I   realized  technology was  being made  a scapegoat!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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