Are we going to follow suit? 07/06/2013

Better be careful with whom you talk and what you talk on the phone, warned my husband who did not share my interest in exchanging notes with my friends on phone.

What has suddenly come over you? I said shocked at his tone.

Don’t  you know the Obama administration is going to keep a tab on all the phone calls of its people in the name of security? He said.

Well, the situation is different in our country and  my conversation with friends is really harmless, I  said.

That’s  what you think. Infact the other day I heard  you asking someone about what  her husband gifted  on her 60th. birthday and  from your reaction I could sense  her reply, he said.

It must have been my friend Shanti I was talking to. It appears she  was gifted with  a diamond necklace costing something like 10 lakhs, I  said.

10 lakhs? Said he looking astonished.

Yes, that’s what she said and also a sari costing  rs.10,000, I told him.

I thought  Indian government  would follow suit by tapping all phones though not in the name of security but to unearth black money but now my fear is  some unsocial elements will resort to tapping phones in order to  make quick money, he said concerned.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Are we going to follow suit? 07/06/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    Well those whose business is kidnapping for ransom do not have to do phone tapping to discover one’s wealth. They have to only befriend the concerned Income tax official or keep a watch over your conspicuous consumption like chauffeur driven luxury car, the hotels & shops you go to, and the gadgets in the house (through maids)!!! But seriously a Govt. can do whatever it wants in the name of national security but what about a citizen’s rights to privacy?

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