A thousand words? 21/05/2013

How come  you look so much different in the photograph? Commented my friend  who saw  my picture in the magazine.

Do I look better than what  I am, I asked expecting a compliment.

Certainly not, you look too serious which is unlike you, she said.

Soon after I rang off, another called to say for a writer of humour, I appear too grumpy. You could have  put on a smile, she added.

Have you lost weight?  Was the blunt query from a relative of mine who hadn’t seen me lately.

No, I don’t think so. But it’s good to appear slim, atleast in the photograph, I said, feeling happy  at her observation.

Meera, I couldn’t recognize  you until  my son  said it was your picture, said my  elderly aunt.

Why did you have a doubt? I  asked.

Because  you appear atleast ten years older, pat came her reply.

Your sari looks gorgeous  aunty,  so does your designer blouse, beamed my niece, sounding all excited. For once your tailor seems to have done a good job, she said.

On reflection I  realized  all those callers were only talking about my photograph  and none of them bothered to read what was written about me!

It also dawned on me why it is said, ‘a picture speaks thousand words.’


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “A thousand words? 21/05/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    People do not observe what you want them to observe. You felt that how you look in the photograph is inconsequential. What matters is what is written about you. But there are different styles of learning & observing – there are visual people, auditory people, read & write people and kinesthetic people. It looks as if all the people in your little universe belong to the visual group !

    Quite humorous.

    1. I always preferred interviewing personalities on AIR than on television because in the former medium the listeners’ attention is on what is being spoken/said unlike in the latter where visual draws/distracts their attention!

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