A mouthful from a friend 30/07/2013

I met you friend during my morning walk, said my husband  soon after he returned home.

Oh, which friend of mine is this? I asked.

Well who ever it is, just a well meant  remark  of mine seems to have provoked your friend  and I was left at the receiving end, he said looking pained.

What did you say? I asked  feeling quite annoyed with my friend  whose identity I was yet to know.

Well, I just said ‘you look tired’ and  thought  it was a very harmless remark of mine until  I got  a mouthful of accusations  which perhaps I didn’t deserve.

I think you shouldn’t have said so even if it was true, I said.

What’s wrong in saying someone looks tired? he countered.

Was  this friend of mine on the wrong side of fifty? I asked, suddenly remembering something I read.

Perhaps, much more than that, he replied.

My friend’s reaction is quite understandable because she must have thought you are trying to be diplomatic about her age, I  suggested.

Please credit me with some manners. People normally get provoked when you say they look old or look their age, he observed.

By the way, you have still not mentioned her name, I said still cursing my friend’s unwarranted reaction at a simple observation of his.

I think you feel your friend  belongs to your gender, he stated and  ‘that surely will make you rethink on your presumption and also make you happy,’  he added.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “A mouthful from a friend 30/07/2013

  1. V.N.K.Kumar

    It looks like your friend was an elderly gentleman and not an elderly female, probably an octogenarian. Your hubby’s “You look tired” may have been just a conversation starter but a better way to jump-start a conversation would have been – ” Sir, your enthusiasm for walking is infectious. Even lazy bums like me feel like imitating you”. The gentleman might be suffering from a CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) with no therapy giving him any relief despite emptying his purse and being reminded of it with “You look tired” may just be the last straw on the camel’s back !!!

    1. Unfortunately in our country we seem to be obsessed with our chronological age and pass on the ‘concept’ to whoever we meet. There are others who might try to camouflage their appearance (a natural consequence of aging) using artificial means but their physical limitations fail to cooperate or match!

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