A gift on valentine’s day! 02/12/2013

I notice the usual buzz is absent this time for Valentine’s Day, I said.

Yes, even I noticed it, agreed my husband  who was scanning the headlines of the day’s newspaper.

How come, you are not celebrating it? I  asked my grand daughter who  was absorbed in  looking  through the section on shopping. She never missed  the occasion to give a gift to her boy friend.

No, grandma, I discovered it was a  mistake. I shouldn’t  have pinned my hopes on Ramesh. I had even planned  to  eventually  make him   my life partner, she said full of  remorse.

Well, I thought  you had made a very wise decision in planning to marry Ramesh  who is well qualified   and also well placed for someone  so young, I observed.

May be, but he seems to be a workaholic and has no time for me which I happened to realize only now, she rued.

But  you should know that there are no short cuts if you wish to rise in your career, I  said.

That may be true but it doesn’t mean one should  be totally sold to one’s  job and have no time to spend what you earn, she grumbled.

Well, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, I reminded her the cliché.

Now, you are sermonizing and I am in no mood to hear anymore of the stuff, she complained.

Did you have a tiff  with Ramesh lately? I ventured to ask.

Not exactly but I have decided to pay him back in his own coin by not giving him a gift this Valentine’s Day. Let me see if he  misses receiving it, she  averred.

For all I know, he may not, I  said to myself  but  didn’t have the courage to tell the girl  who I knew will not take it well!


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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