90 OR 10 PERCENT? 01/04/2013

Hereafter I am not going to vote, I declared even as I was watching the programme  on a popular news channel  where M Katju was literally in the dock being asked very inconvenient questions by the audience  regarding his controversial statements to the press .

Why do you say so ?asked my husband  who was also watching the programme intently.

Because  I don’t want to belong to the ‘ 90 percent Indians who vote in droves like sheep and cattle’, I said quoting Katju. He also  feels all those who vote are fools and he doesn’t  want to be one of them.

Did you notice one  of the participants pointed out,  in Greece those who don’t vote are called idiots. Now you have to decide whether you wish to cease to be  called  a fool  or called  an idiot  like  the Greeks do, mocked   my husband .

Let me think over as it sounds too complicated, I said not able to understand the difference.

Don’t you think  the  90 percent who   stand for election also fall in the  category of fools ? If  I had participated in the show  I would have asked him  when tickets are given to  sheep and cattle in the garb of humans, does the voter have any choice? I  added.

Not just sheep and cattle but Black Sheep and wild cattle to be precise, he said.

Well, he appears to think there  is still the ten percent who is intelligent and wise, don’t you think  he is being very considerate to voters? The next question I would have asked Katju was whether the  10 percent he mentions   applies only  to the voters or to the candidates  who stand for elections as well?

I wonder what his reply would be, observed my husband.

Take a guess? I prompted.

Atleast  Katju will not constitute among the 10 percent of candidates because he made it clear that he has no political ambitions, he said.

He may not  have political ambitions for now, but who knows for all I know he might jump into the fray one day claiming to be the wisest and best of the Bad Lot  to save our country and its people .

Why one day, it could be as early as today itself ,  said my husband looking at the calendar.

n.meera raghavendra rao


3 thoughts on “90 OR 10 PERCENT? 01/04/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    M. Katju’s comments and the Greek elections couldn’t have come at a more opportune moment! Have a happy AFD!!

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