World Alzheimer’s Day 30/09/2013

The event was advertised  in a local tabloid  and one look at the large turnout comprising  people  mostly  in their sixties, seventies and eighties was proof  of the interest evinced  in the topic addressed: ‘Aging Brain Awareness Program’  by  a  Geriatric Physician and a leading Neurologist. The lady’s lucid exposition  with a pp on Understang Alzheimer’s disease was well comprehended even by a lay (read non medical)  person. The  Geriatric Physician  who spoke mostly in Tamil  addressed problems related to aging and how they should be handled by the family members and care givers. The contents of the hand out (in the form of  six small cards)  include among others Symptoms of the disease ,its Prevention  and  Myths vs. Reality. In the interaction that followed a few  among the audience  who had  a parent suffering from AD sought the advice of the doctors as how they can be better care givers. To answer her query the Neurologist referred to an article she read  about  a care giver who wrote saying when the patient was treated like a five year old, it made both their lives easy.

The event was got up to celebrate WAD  which fell on  the 21st.September.


n.meera raghavendra rao      


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