Wither mother tongue! 12/04/2013

I greeted my Telugu speaking friends  and relatives with the words: ‘vijaya nama savatsara  subhakankshalu’ in Telugu and they all  without exception returned  the greeting by saying in English ‘Wish you  the same.’ I  did not know whether to be happy or sad at the sweeping  influence English language has had on our lives resulting in losing  our spontaneity of responding in our mother tongue.

The other day at a get together of a few ladies, I asked each one of them to speak on any topic of their choice for two minutes in their mother tongue  without using a single word in English. Noticing them struggling in their attempt, I reduced the time to one minute but none could proceed  after the second sentence! They felt  it was really a  tough test  nothing short of a challenge.

So much for our mother tongue!

N Meera Raghavendra Rao



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