Why I dread having a pet dog 26/06/2013

Whenever the topic of rearing a pet dog arises in a discussion with friends/relatives who own one and go all out in favour of rearing  a pet pup, two incidents that happened during my childhood days in Hyderabad and Jamshedpur come to my mind. As all children do, my siblings and I while we were in Hyderabad persuaded our parents to bring home a pet pup and they conceded  albeit reluctantly.  He was a very sweet looking brown pup whom we named as Tiger. We played with him and taught him all kinds of tricks and  got attached to him in no time. After having his food every day in the morning he would play by himself in our large compound which had a lot of trees and a lawn. Our neighbours, an Anglo Indian family had two pet dogs, quite huge and ferocious ones which were let loose most of the time. One day tragedy struck when both these  creatures strayed into our compound and carried away Tiger and that was the last we saw him.

In Jamshedpur it was a different story. Our neighbour who lived opposite our quarters in Telco colony had two small children called Titu and Neenu  who would come to our house to listen to stories I told them and enjoy a south Indian snack thereafter. Coming to think of it now, I wonder whether the former or the latter was the reason for their attraction. They would invariably carry their pet pup along with them and take him back when they returned home. One day as they were about to cross the road, the pup wriggled out of their clasp and jumped onto the road and  fell a victim to a speeding car leaving the two small children aghast and helpless  at the sight.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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