Weekend haunt of chennaiites 15/04/2013

Our weekends comprised visiting Book stores and libraries to look out for latest arrivals and invariably I would end up picking up a book or two from the former and borrowing books on my subject from the latter. Most of the times I would notice people of all ages sitting comfortably on the few stools provided  before the book shelves and browse  through books  and magazines.  I noticed a perceptible  change of late  in the number of book lovers visiting   leading book stores. The foot falls appear to be dwindling despite the attractive offers which say, ‘three for two.’ What is even more surprising  is the new titles  by celebrity authors promptly find a place  here.

Even while I was wondering where chennaiites spend their week ends, I found the answer –their favourite haunts have shifted from the world of books to the world of Malls, the latest one to have come up is  at Vellachary which is added  to nearly half a dozen Malls  already existing.

The Malls  might draw visitors mainly for the  air-conditioned comfort but it remains to be seen whether the several  leading sari shops housed here will attract  real  buyers !


n.meera raghavendra rao


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