Vibrant Chennai 17/01/2013

December in Chennai sees  the manifestation of art in its myriad forms with rasikas juggling between sabhas and sabha canteens discussing nothing else but concerts  and harikathas  they have heard and the dances  they watched. Though all  these culminate  with the advent of the new year, one finds there is a spill over where  budding and lesser known artistes take over. Thanks to the   Sundaram Finance, Mylapore Festival  where a number of disparate events take place  all the three days during Pongal. The enthusiasm  of children who participate in these events has to be seen to be believed and their anxious wait to receive their mementoes at the end of their performance. One such participant, who appeared all of five years, was at her expressive best while impatiently waiting for her name to be announced  to receive the memento from the chief guest. When she noticed the list  was almost coming to an end, she could not hide her fears of being left out. But once  her name was announced, her expression immediately changed to one of delight and excitement.

The  highlight of the festival  this year was the Mylapore cyclerickshaw tour taking  the visitor to every nook and corner of Mylapore  which he/she has not hitherto  seen. The  approximately 45 minute tour costing rs.50/ per person started from the outer precincts of Sri Kapali Temple, said to be 350/400 years old, passed through various old temples in the area besides an agraharam and  the recent Jain temple before it entered Mathala Narayana street, just off it. The tour ended at the place where the giant chariot of KapaliTemple  stands in a shed. There were more  foreigners than the locals taking this tour.

The event by SS INTERNATIONAL LIVE commenced with thaka dhimi  of Sivamini and party  at the MusicAcademy. It was thoroughly enjoyable for its vibrancy and for the innovative  ways adopted by   Sivamani who  produces  rhythmic music from the most innocuous objects.


n.meera raghavendra rao


2 thoughts on “Vibrant Chennai 17/01/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    As an extension of the December season, many sabhas will soon start to celebrate the Thiagaraja Aradhana. The original event was held this morning at Thiruvaiyaru, where the Saint lived on the banks of Cauvery and wrote most of his kritis. This year, the goshti ganam by hundreds of artists assembled at the Samadhi was better organized. The entire text of the Pancharatna Kritis is printed in a booklet and distributed at the site. I saw on TV a lady holding up her booklet, with the text of the songs printed in Telegu!

  2. Missed the telecast .Glad that the number of artistes taking part in goshti ganam is increasing by leaps and bounds .I was present on two occasions having accompanied my cousin (an A grade artiste) years ago .

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