Summer camps 30/04/2013

Chennai is buzzing with activity of various kind with mothers  towing their  kids as young as two plus  to join them in a summer camp. The  short term courses and workshops  available range from painting, drawing, cartooning, story writing, pottery, paper flowers and what not and every course appears to have a  great draw, the high fee charged notwithstanding.

It was amusing to watch these tiny tots  draw  a lion  which looked more like a horse and a parrot resembling  a sparrow. Their mothers  were more enthusiastic than their wards as they took time off to bring them along  and sit through patiently till the class was over.

I  wished  a summer camp would be conducted  where there existed no age restriction so that even mothers and grandmothers could attend and learn something they are passionate about.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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