Shoppers Galore 02/04/2013

Chennai bristles with  shopping activity on   two occasions –the first when annual discounts are announced   by shops big and small  for their wares(read saris)  and  a few days before Deepavali  when Chennaiites don’t mind picking up saris at their original rates.

Come April and  we see  women in their eighties  limping into  a popular  store in Mylapore   tightly clasping  their grand childrens’    hands and younger women clad  in chiffons and crepes and some dressed in Salwar kamiz  jostling their way to get a foot hold  in the crowded shop. Almost all  of them  emerge with large packets in hand  sporting a very contented smile.

The auto drivers also eagerly wait for this time of the year as they believe in making hay when the sun shines. Heard  them demanding  exorbitant fares and the shoppers weighed under their purchase trying to haggle but in vain. ‘Amma, it is difficult for you to carry all that weight and walk to find another Auto.You might as well get into mine and pay what I asked which is very reasonable,’ is the drivers’ refrain and expectedly they have the final word.

There is the other side too because the men who normally take their evening walk in the park nearby find it cumbersome to cross the stretch between the shop and the park  as they have to wade through milling crowds!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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