New malls are coming up in Chennai, so are  popular sari shops housed in them. The motivation for me to visit    Velecherry Market city  a couple of months ago was to do some window shopping  in comfort. As my husband and I entered  RMKV, a much sought after shop for wedding saris, we were greeted in Indian style  by the ‘floor  staff’  at every step which proved a little embarrassing. I  headed straight to the section which stocked silk cottons and  explained to the young salesman the colour and design I was looking for. He vigorously shook his head  and said  what I wanted  was not available  but   he could show me some latest designs. When I said I was not interested, a senior salesman appeared from nowhere and  brought a whole lot of  saris  I had asked for and promptly I picked up one from them. After I paid  the bill, he followed us and offered a Bonus card  and asked me to fill my name and address saying I just had  to produce this next time I shopped at any of the outlets to get the benefit  from their scheme .

We chose to visit the Forum Mall recently to do some shopping and faithfully I armed myself with the RMKV  bonus card. When the bill was made for my purchase, I noticed my producing the card made no difference because  the points I was supposed to have gathered for  my earlier purchase at their outlet in Velacherry were  not  recorded (it appeared to be deliberate). When I said their salesman had not explained to us about the significance of the card, the supervisor too  failed to convince us with his arguments  appearing  no different from his fellow ‘parrots’  in the shop.

People behind running this large establishment seem to think they can take customers for a ride  with their gimmicks!


N Meera Raghavendra Rao


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