One more building on Eldams Road is vanishing! 23/08/2013

Ever since we came to live on Eldams road (I still do not know how it got its name) more than four decades ago, I have been witness to many changes  that have undergone on  and  off this main  road. The beginning of the road is called the Alwarpet circle  and the other end is known as Teynampet  and somewhere half way we find to the left a fairly broad road which  connects Bharatidasan road  where SIET college is situated. Apart from this there are a few  lanes which take off the main road. Some are  blind lanes leading to apartment complexes, temples and shanties.

The first change in one of the  lanes I noticed was an old house being struck down and a new sprawling bungalow coming up in its place with a new occupant who in turn sold it to another after just a few years. Again the road and the lane off it  which once boasted of Independent houses has given place to High rise building  complexes (one of them most shoddily built) and commercial establishments including shops for canine food .Therefore the once residential locality is a mix of residential and commercial  with all the accompanying hassles.

I don’t feel nostalgic about any of the above changes though  it has become next to impossible to cross the main road  even though it’s not the peak hour of  the day but  feel sorry for the building which is being razed to the ground because of the fond memories I have when I first set foot  in Madras.  I still remember  the warmth and affection with which my husband’s grand parents –late Shri Panini Rao and Smt. Yamuna Bai  received me when I visited  them in ‘Hamsa’ (the name of their house)  soon after my marriage .

I  am still guessing as to what  would come in its place—whether another High rise or a Commercial complex cluttering the road even further!


N .Meera Raghavendra Rao


2 thoughts on “One more building on Eldams Road is vanishing! 23/08/2013

  1. V Raghavan

    It is true that Eldams Road is a difficult road to cross (like Nungamabakkam High Road near the Haddows Road junction). Once I got nearly knocked off by a speeding vehicle, as I was trying to cross to reach a shop that was selling slightly-scratched new washing machines at a hefty discount. Nearer Mount Road, Eldams Road is supposed to be one way. But that rule is only motorists. Autos and bikes happily zoom across in the wrong direction!

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