My early morning visitor 25/06/2013

Even as I was checking my mail and viewing the forwards sent by my friends, I sensed  an intruder scurrying through my study and disappear as quickly as it entered. I  rushed  out  screaming my head off  alerting the whole household  of  the unwelcome early morning visitor. I   could understand if it  had  gate crashed into my kitchen, drawn by the aroma of  my  Culinary prowess  but wondered why  it chose to visit my study where there  were books and only books, old and new unless  it found the stale smell of the former  attractive to make a meal of them. However, the sight of the fat and ugly over sized creature was enough to spoil my day because of the  allergy I have for  anything that has  four legs.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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