More and more Nirbhayas 27/08/2013

The Delhi and Bombay episodes  where the victims have  acquired a

‘Nirbhayya’ tag has proved the problem has been on the increase with an increase in demented and worthless men lurking around in literally haunted places to wait for their prey  like  wild animals. What is more disgusting is the attitude of our so called ‘leaders’ who appear to hold  the victims responsible for the brutal acts of their gender which is proof of their prejudiced minds. In such a scenario it is for the women journalists or any working woman for that matter to think of their own safety/security first and avoid going to such trouble some spots haunted  by beastly men who don’t need any provocation of  the type of attire the woman dons.

I remember my participating in a  Radio programme  titled ‘women joining

Combatant  forces’ and I said  it is not advisable for various reasons, one of which was the risk they face on the field unlike  their male counterparts. ‘As long as there are unbalanced men in our society who don’t respect women the problem of their safety will continue’ I had reiterated. This programme was aired somewhere in early seventies, almost four decades ago.

One thing that has remained or on the increase is the unhealthy and prejudiced attitude existing  towards the fair sex in our society.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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