Mangoes galore 22/05/2013

The mango season  has arrived with a bang  and the  vegetable outlets are all stocked with shining yellow mangoes smooth as silk to the touch  luring customers who have a go at them, unmindful  of their high price and insipid taste. However there are some exceptions I suppose, who are not tempted  by the attractive arrangement  of the fruit on the shelves or give in to indulgence for what ever reason.

Why don’t you try these? They are benganpalli and   Malgova, you just can’t resist them, said my friend  handing over a few of each variety to me.

Thanks.  I  shall  certainly get back to you once I taste them, I said.

As expected they were not a match to Imam pasand, the home grown variety(the fruit has taken its annual leave  this year) and I  realized the reason behind their lack of sweetness. It is because the fruit is picked from the trees and artificially put to ripe, that too at a super speed.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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