Love him, hate him 16/07/2013

My husband loves me a lot and thinks of my comfort. I cook his favourite dishes and feel happy when he enjoys my preparations. He buys me all that I require and doesn’t think twice about  spending on the sari  I like. Sometimes he drops me at my place of work and also at my friend’s house when I choose to visit her. He is such a dear and at his best behavior when he is sober which is once in a blue moon.

I hate my husband. Last night he almost  drove his auto into a ditch  while returning home. He was all  sozzled  and when I  dug into his shirt pocket it was empty. He said he  spent  all his day’s earnings drinking with friends. Said he is entitled   to enjoy once? in a way after a hard day’s work and he has not committed any crime in doing so. The irony of it all is I am the one who works harder between the two of us, run the home and also try to save for my daughter’s marriage.

I know  there are several others like me.

Confessions of a maid who works for me.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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