Live in relationship for companionship 27/06/2013

Recently an NGO had conducted a debate  regarding Live in relationship among senior citizens as a likely solution to fight lonliness among  single men/women. The participants who argued in favour of the proposition  contended  that there was nothing wrong if a friend moved in to spend the rest of his/her life to achieve mutual happiness. Since most of the  children these days have neither the time nor inclination to  take care of their old  parents, the only solution left for them was to shift to a senior citizens’ home  where their needs are taken care of. But the situation is different  when one loses his/her life partner in the evening of one’s life  and  will have to spend the rest of the years in loneliness. In such cases a live in will fill the void  and provide companionship which was very important for a happy  life, they argued. Also, the advantage was, since there was no legal binding they can always part if  the arrangement didn’t work.

Those  who took the opposite stand felt live in relationships were a hand me down from the west and it was not necessary that we should emulate something that is opposed to our culture. ‘Why not tie the knot and make the relationship a respectable one?’ they argued. Also sometimes there is a risk involved if one of the ‘partners’ happens to be very rich and the live in will be tempted to  fleece him/her  of all  the  wealth and possessions and one fine day  walk out  from the person’s life.

I wonder  what readers think about the issue.


n.meera raghavendra rao 


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