‘Kushraho mathaji’ 12/05/2013

The sound of  ‘Happy Mother’s Day’  was reverberating  in the air as I entered a popular book store and when I  looked around  to  see from whom the greeting  was coming, I saw a bunch of teenagers wishing  all the  fellow customers browsing through books and magazines. I  returned their greeting with a smile and asked how they were planning to celebrate the Day. They said they had  congregated   at the store  to buy  beautiful cards for their mothers and  planned  to  go to a movie  in the evening.  Are your respective mothers  accompanying you all? I asked. No, we all friends are going together, they replied in unison.

Wouldn’t   you  like to spend  time  with  your mothers  to mark the Day? I  asked  albeit hesitatingly.

The half a dozen girls looked at each other and  turned their gaze towards me.

But aunty, we all bought the most expensive cards for our mothers, they said displaying  the colourful cards with  loving messages written on them. We are sure  our mothers would be delighted and be proud of us children when they see these cards.

When I was emerging from the store, I heard  someone saying, ‘Kush raho mathaji’ and  I turned round to see who it was. When I went close to him he said  again in Hindi that though he wished  to spend the whole day with his old mother  to celebrate Mother’s Day, he couldn’t because his presence was needed at the store as his job demanded it.

n.meera raghavendra rao    


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