‘Know All’Syndrome 09/05/2013

‘Know All’  Syndrome  is  different in many ways in that excepting the subject every one else suffers  by  paying a  price for a half baked job. These are  blue collared  people  whose  tall talk doesn’t usually match their skill, be it plumbers, carpenters or electricians and we had evidence of this over the years.The unfortunate fact is we just cannot do without them with our electrical gadgets taking  turns to go on strike and leaky taps calling for urgent attention and  the furniture looking miserable  for want of a coat of paint or varnish. After the ‘demands’ of the first two were met  we  decided to give our sofa set  a  face lift in keeping with the new upholstery.

For once it was not difficult to locate a carpenter who had one look at the three piece  and claimed  a coat of varnish would make it look even better than a new set  adding that I recommend him to all my friends after he was through with his job.  He gave a long list of items to be purchased and came promptly the next morning with a helper and  went about his job immediately ordering his elderly assistant around. In the  two and half hours they  worked, they took three coffee breaks and  called it a day by noon. The next morning they took up work on the three seater (having finished varnishing the two single sofas the first day) and completed their job in an hour and collected their wages.

Now  we are wondering whether our sofa set acquired a face lift or a face fall !  It’s been a   costly lesson  learnt for taking people at their  Face value.

meera raghavendra rao



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