Just a five minute job! 04/04/2013


The other day I saw  a tenant of a neighbouring building dropping something from over her compound wall into   the private lane where we live. When I  asked  her what it was, she  unabashedly replied  that it was  her pet pup’s poo. I  politely told her it  is a private lane and she should not use the place as a garbage bin. Instead  of apologizing  the lady went into a harangue  saying  I had no business to question her and  only after ascertaining  that it is a private lane, she would believe me! So much for  trying to convince an ‘educated’ lady(the yardstick for  education unfortunately continues to be the speaker’s proficiency in English).

A   round of discussions with the rest of the owners brought forth valuable suggestions  with a promise of ‘speedy implementation.’ All of them thanked me profusely for bringing the issue to their notice.

‘Don’t  worry, all that we require is to paint the wall  saying  ‘Private Lane-trespassers  will be prosecuted’ echoed everyone  and  one among them   promised  to get it done the very next day.  Another said it was afterall a five minute job and since he  was very busy, he  would organize it  in the next few days.

Days  and weeks have passed  but  nothing has been done. If a handful of residents  cannot  take collective responsibility  for  maintaining  a small stretch  of land  that belongs to them, can we expect  things to happen at the macro level? I wonder.


n.meera raghavendra rao  


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