Is eating out a pleasure? 28/06/2013

As we were  heading towards kodambakkam to visit a relative, my attention was drawn to a large board put up on a restaurant, more for the  wording in the advertisement  which was  enough to provoke any woman who enjoyed cooking  and not considered it a chore. I  feel  eating out is certainly enjoyable if the food served is fresh and hot  and   tastes better compared to  what is prepared at home, no matter ‘who’ prepares it. More importantly the stuff you eat out should be stomach friendly especially if you are on the wrong side of  sixty. Equally important  are the waiters who serve you. You are lucky if  a friendly waiter attends on you, otherwise you end up being served by a grumpy one who thinks he is doing you a great favour by hovering around you promptly waiting to take the next order!  

Who ever thinks one can have a dosa, irrespective of its variety served hot, cannot be more mistaken. If you dare to ask the waiter as to why the dosa is cold, prompt comes his reply, madam, how can you expect it to be otherwise in an air conditioned restaurant’? I can probably buy  his explanation but see no valid reason for the ice cold  coconut chutney which appears to vie with the south Indian delicacy!

Well, in all fairness to the advertisement copy found   on the top of the  restaurant, surely  it is a boon to a ‘lazy’ cook .

n.meera raghavendra rao


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