Inspiration—from books or people? 26/04/2013

The other day  a few  likeminded people who comprised mostly authors and journalists got together for a debate: ‘whether writers  should be  avid readers to turn into authors’ was the topic. Majority  averred  that wide reading is absolutely essential  to generate ideas because they cannot come from thin air. The rest  strongly believed inspiration  need not necessarily come  from books but can come from observation and  interaction  with people and this is found  in creative writing.

Later on  when I pondered over the ‘issue’ and  tried to analyze the reasons put forth  by the majority  of authors I found they all  belonged to the teaching profession and  were strongly of  the  opinion that  writing should be serious. I concluded  that reading  widely will certainly help in improving one’s vocabulary but the  writer might be tempted  with or without  his being conscious, imitate or be influenced  by the books he/she reads. However if the writer is keen on writing on a particular subject  he/she is passionate about, a deep study  is absolutely essential for background knowledge coupled with updation in the respective area.


n.meera raghavendra rao


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