Idlis, puris and Bhendi Sambar 22/04/2013

Why are you late today?  I asked my husband who normally returned from his morning walk  within an hour  of his leaving home.

You know, it’s because  I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight which appeared a treat. I stood transfixed for how long I didn’t know, he replied.

What sight? Was some  shooting for a film going on in the park? I said.

No, nothing like that. You know films don’t interest me and the  sight of  stars  don’t attract me, he said.

Then what was that  which kept you so transfixed like a statue? I  am curious to know, I said.

Take a guess, he said like a Quiz master waiting for  the right  answer.

Why don’t you give me a clue or two? I  suggested.

O.K. I knew  you wouldn’t  have the remotest idea, he  snorted.

All the more  reason you give me a clue, I  reiterated.

What is for breakfast? He asked.

Why change the topic? Are you hungry? I said.

Ravenous, he said stressing on the word.

You still haven’t told me what captivated you  to make time stand still, I really  want to know,  I insisted.

Oh, the  steaming hot and white as snow idlis the woman was serving with bhendi sambar, the whole air permeated   with its aroma and I found  the sight of people, some trying to jump the queue to reach  her food cart amusing, he laughed.  I don’t think  even the best hotel in Chennai could have  matched  their quality,  he added.

Not just that,  a young girl was rolling out large sized  puris and another  woman was frying  two of them at a time  and lo and behold, you should have seen  them when they  emerged from the pan. They were all  puffed up having two shades of brown, light at the bottom and dark  on top, he described. I could notice his mouth watering.

You talk as though  you had  your fill of idlis and puris,  I said  quite  scared  of the consequences  if he really  was tempted to binge on them.

Well, I did  notice a few well dressed  men among the queue. His words left me all the more scared.

Were you one of them? I asked  fearing his answer.

You know the two women  preparing them entreated me  to give their fare a try.

Did you?  I  repeated.

Do I  have to give you a reply, is all that he said.

n.meera raghavendra rao 



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