How I got to see my neighbours 13/03/2013

I  noticed  familiar faces rushing to their place of work, strangely all on foot which  came as a surprise  to me. Though they all live in the private lane where we also happen to own a house, I never get to see them  because  they make themselves invisible with   glasses of their oversized cars  rolled up and hiding their faces behind the day’s newspaper, probably making use of their commuting time to catch up with the latest news. At times  when I delay  the time of my walk, I am forced  to take extra care in order to avoid the risk of coming under the wheels because of the reckless people behind the wheel, no matter  whether  these four wheelers are owner or chauffer  driven.

I  shall  probably continue to  see them or come across face to face with them and  exchange pleasantries in the few seconds  we meet because  they have no other alternative but to walk down the private lane to reach the main road  crossing through the small stretch surrounded  by garbage  emanating foul  smell.

Thanks to the corporation for its efforts to  prepare itself  in view of a possible downpour during the months ahead .Whether the rain Gods will show mercy on Chennaiites or not, Eldams road  looks  fit enough for anyone who wishes to go ‘under ground’ with  the place all dug up resembling  a trench in the war zone!


n.meera raghavendra rao


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