Highest bidder ! 20/05/2013

Chennai is known for three seasons —hot, hotter and hottest and IPL is known for three SSS and  I don’t have to say what they mean, as everyone who is obsessed with cricket  will  know what  they stand for. But to someone  who has a passing interest in the game, more important things matter and they have to do with  our very survival, rather my survival to be precise. Top on my  list is  safe drinking water and  I got a scare of my life when I heard  the suppliers were going on a strike. But I was relieved to know  the brand of water being supplied to us  was indeed available  however for a price and the highest bidder would get the priority.

Whoever thought  auctions are held  and the highest bidder walks away with whatever he fancies, are mistaken. Only difference perhaps is in the case of the life saver and health preserver, it is not  second hand or used  stuff!

Second on my list  is our part time maid  who had to go on medical leave for a surgery and  another part timer has gone on a summer vacation along with her family.

Well, I see no point in  grumbling about  the scorching  heat of Chennai because  it has its own benefits of providing us with free vitamin D, so essential  to keep our limbs fit.

n.meera raghavendra rao


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