Dignity Foundation celebrates Companionship Carnival 14/06/2013

The headline in a popular newspaper ‘Senior citizens look for a second chance at love,’ appeared catchy and   surely it  must have  meant to attract ‘Singles’ who have read the report. As  you  read  on, you find it was an opportunity  for  the elderly participants (singles ofcourse) in the carnival to look for companionship to fight lonliness, which doesn’t  necessarily  mean it involved marriage and the accompanying hassles.

The organizers  thought it fit to throw in some games which proved  a real test to theDignity-1 aging participants’ physical fitness. However the concept  extended to couples as well  in the form of ‘ Made for Each other contest’ which was a test as to  how well the husband knew about the likes and dislikes of his wife and vice versa. The answers given by the six pairs of participants proved  the wives knew more about their husbands than the other way round!

This  was followed by a Debate  on ‘Live -in relationships’ (that  was what the speakers were made to understand) and  the participants, a doctor and a home maker who formed a team spoke for the  proposal. An advocate and  a  journalist took the opposite stand. All the  speakers  were  very  vehement  in driving home their point and  when it was thrown open to the audience a few of them expressed  their full support  for a ‘ live in relationship’ among senior citizens as the only solution to combat loneliness.

DIGNITY-2The finale was a Fashion parade and by  the way the  ‘models’ acquitted themselves despite their age, it appeared  they  took the Ramp walk quite seriously, considering it to be a life time opportunity.

n.meera raghavendra rao     


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